Frame Diamond Gold Dangle Earring - John Brevard

John Brevard

Frame Diamond Gold Dangle Earring

Verahedra collection dangle earrings in 18K yellow gold with 14 round white diamonds at 2.2 mm each (0.630 carats). These limited edition earrings are inspired by sacred geometries and represent an exploding star. The tetrahedral form with exploded tips represents breaking away from old conditioned structure to reveal an empowered future. 

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Verahedra Collection:

The Verahedra collection features a series of complex and interlocking geometries, reminiscent of Euclidean geometry and ancient architecture from Egyptian, Mayan, and Sumerian temples. These geometries are found in fractal ancient architecture around the world. Derived from the Latin words vera (“truth”) and hedron (“number of sides”), this collection was created to channel Strength and Power.