18k Gold Morphogen Shield Ring - John Brevard

John Brevard

18k Gold Morphogen Shield Ring


This one of a kind 18K Gold Morphogen Shield ring with white diamonds is designed to empower and protect you. Striking yet comfortable, this ring's organic, symmetric design is reminiscent of shells deep in the ocean. This shield-like ring is a timeless statement piece for your wardrobe. Ready to ship in size 7. 4.1carats of diamonds in total.

Ready to ship in Size 7.

RD 1.0 MM. 0.0047/Pc. 96 0.450 705/Cts.(N) SI1
RD 1.1 MM. 0.0065/Pc. 90 0.581 705/Cts.(N) SI1
RD 1.2 MM. 0.0075/Pc. 16 0.120 705/Cts.(N) SI1
RD 1.3 MM. 0.0104/Pc. 66 0.683 690/Cts.(N) SI1
RD 1.4 MM. 0.0113/Pc. 8 0.090 690/Cts.(N) SI1
RD 1.5 MM. 0.0150/Pc. 82 1.230 690/Cts.(N) SI1
RD 1.6 MM. 0.0175/Pc. 4 0.070 690/Cts.(N) SI1
RD 1.7 MM. 0.0200/Pc. 2 0.040 690/Cts.(N) SI1
RD 2.0 MM. 0.0338/Pc. 8 0.270 690/Cts.(N) SI1
RD 2.5 MM. 0.0625/Pc. 8 0.500 690/Cts.(N) SI1

Pieces 380
4.1 Carats
24 Grams

Morphogen collection: Derived from the Greek word morphê (meaning "beginning of the shape"), the Morphogen collection features composed organic shapes that abstract, pulled, and stretched into fluid forms. These web-like diffusions are reminiscent of morphogenesis, the biological process that causes an organism to develop its shape. Like the tangled webs of love, this collection was created to activate Passion.