Sacred Geometry Bookshelf - John Brevard

John Brevard

Sacred Geometry Bookshelf

A keen proponent of sustainability, John Brevard’s handcrafted sculptural furniture aims to celebrate materials natural to our earth. Made from sustainably harvested teak wood from the PT Perhutani forestry reserve in Indonesia, this bookcase is hand-carved by skilled artisans and joined together to form Brevard’s signature fractal design. This bookcase is part of the Verahedra collection, featuring a series of complex and interlocking geometries, reminiscent of Euclidean geometry and ancient architecture from Egyptian, Mayan, and Sumerian temples.

Reflecting Brevard’s belief that our world is made of fractal geometries, this bookcase features repeating triangular patterns in both large and small scales. Equilateral triangles represent strength, with the upward pointing triangle symbolizing the masculine and the inverted triangle symbolizing the feminine. This limited edition sacred geometry inspired sold teak wood piece by John Brevard creates an impact for any space.
This piece is currently available in either a versatile dark brown or clean, airy white-wash stain. Custom finishes are available for custom orders. Additionally, this piece can be customized in size to meet your spacing needs.

About the materials:
Teakwood has long been prized for its durability and versatility. Long used for furniture and decoration by elites in its native Southeast Asia, teakwood then made its way to Europe by way of Dutch merchants. In the west, it’s often used for shipbuilding, due to its hardness and ability to withstand humidity and ward off dry rot. Unlike more common woods such as pine and oak, teak retains its natural oils and rubber even after being felled and processed. Because of this, teak has greater naturally weather-resistant properties than almost all other wood. The oils and rubber effectively weatherproof the wood, making teak an ideal choice for outdoor furniture. The wood is also naturally protected from dry rot and from fungi and parasites that can destroy other woods.
Given the long growth period of teak (typically 80 years until maturation), Brevard uses sustainably cultivated teak without irrigation or fertilizers for this collection in order to protect earth’s natural habitat. All pieces are made with the highest quality (Grade A) teak from the heart of the tree to ensure maximum durability and versatility.