John Brevard

Rose Gold Star Tetra Diamond Ring


Inspired by sacred geometries, namely the Star Tetrahedron, this John Brevard statement ring is created in 18K yellow gold with 352 pavé round white diamonds at 1.0 -1.5 mm each (4.8 carats total). The star tetrahedron is the intersection of two perfect pyramids, forming a three-dimensional hexagram (six-sided) star. In sacred geometry, this shape represents the inseparable relationship between the two complementary halves – the positive and negative, passive and magnetic, the manifest and the unmanifest – which form a perfect equilibrium. This powerful ring will provide a guiding light for your journey to manifestation. The Star Tetra Diamond Ring is part of the Verahedra collection and is the most iconic piece from John Brevard since inception of the brand.

The Verahedra collection features a series of complex and interlocking geometries, reminiscent of Euclidean geometry and ancient architecture from Egyptian, Mayan, and Sumerian temples. These geometries are found in fractal ancient architecture around the world. Derived from the Latin words vera (“truth”) and hedron (“number of sides”), this collection was created to channel Strength and Power, characteristic of those monumental structures from our past. Available for immediate shipping. Rose gold option also available.

Ready to ship in 18K Yellow Gold in size 7 and Rose Gold in size 6.