Custom Solid Zinc and Petrified Wood Sculptural Dinner Table - John Brevard

John Brevard

One of a Kind Solid Zinc and Petrified Wood Waterfall Sculptural Dining Table

Zinc and Petrified Wood Dinner Table
Color: Dark Brown and Silver

In 2020, John Brevard made waves by selling the most expensive piece of furniture online, on the platform 1stdibs: the Solid Zinc and Petrified Wood Waterfall Sculptural Dining Table. This masterpiece, part of his exclusive "Decay of Time" series, is a limited edition, with only four tables ever crafted. Each one is a testament to Brevard's dedication to sustainability and artistry.

The table features an astonishing 48 legs cascading down like streams of a waterfall, creating a mesmerizing visual effect. Its centerpiece is a petrified wood slab, intricately hand-etched with a sacred geometry pattern representing the journey of self-ascension.

Weighing nearly 2000 pounds, this monolithic sculptural table demands attention as the centerpiece of any room. Its dimensions are imposing: with a thickness of 3.75 inches, a height of 30 inches from floor to tabletop, a width of 33.5 inches, and a length of 97 inches.

Brevard's choice of materials is as deliberate as it is breathtaking. The zinc used in his pieces not only provides exceptional structural integrity but also boasts outstanding corrosion resistance. Each table is sealed with a thin layer of resin to enhance comfort and protect the zinc's integrity.

Meanwhile, the petrified wood used in Brevard’s creations has undergone a remarkable transformation, solidifying from trees into stone over hundreds of millions of years. Sourced sustainably from Indonesian rainforests, each piece undergoes a meticulous extraction process, involving skilled labor and careful excavation.

From the meticulous hand-polishing of the petrified wood to the intricate craftsmanship required to etch the sacred geometry pattern, every step in the creation of these tables is a labor of love. Each piece of petrified wood used in Brevard’s creations boasts its own unique color, pattern, and grain, ensuring that no two tables are alike.

In essence, the Solid Zinc and Petrified Wood Waterfall Sculptural Dining Table is more than just furniture—it's a work of art frozen in time. With only four in existence, owning one is not just a statement of luxury but also a testament to one's appreciation for the beauty of the natural world and the craftsmanship of a true artist.

The thickness of the top is 3.75”
The height from floor to table top is 30”
Width is 33.5”
Length is 97"
About John Brevard:
John Brevard is an American architect and designer known for his fascination with fractals, sacred geometry, biomimicry, and the energies of spaces.
This interest stemmed from a near death experience that left him with amnesia before age 14. He incorporates ancient eastern design methodologies into his holistic and long-lasting designs.

He is the Creative Director, Chairman, and Co-Founder of Six Senses Ossura Valley in Iceland and in 2007, he started his own lifestyle brand.

He pushed the boundaries of customization with the launch of thoscene in 2015, a platform using biomimetic structures and astrological algorithms to craft unique forms inspired by the user.

In 2020 he sold the most expensive piece of furniture ever sold online, a Solid Zinc and Petrified Wood Waterfall Sculptural Dining Table Made from coral washed ashore due to the climate crisis.

Brevard is a member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America and his design have been showcased at significant events, including Milan Design Week, Miami Art Basel, Frieze London, and ZONAMACO Mexico City. His work has been featured in numerous publications such as Vogue, Forbes, and Vanity Fair.

John Brevard currently resides in Ibiza and Miami.

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