Thoscene Garnet and Sterling Silver Love Pendant Necklace - John Brevard

John Brevard

Thoscene Garnet and Sterling Silver Love Pendant Necklace

This unique pendant necklace features a Hessonite Garnet stone set in sterling silver and evokes love in one’s life. Inspired by the universal algorithms and fractal patterns, this limited edition piece is an empowering piece for the wearer. Each piece is unique and a mixture of handmade craftsmanship and 3D-printing technology. Wear with the matching pendant.

This piece is part of the Thoscene collection. THOSCENE stands for “thoughts, sentiments, and energy of a scene or region of space”. The Thoscene collection is inspired by fractals as found in ancient art and architecture, including ruins of the Indonesians, Babylonians, Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans to name a few. One such fractal shape - the pine cone - is core to the inspiration for this collection. It has been said to symbolize the “pineal gland” or “Third Eye" and to be the gateway to other dimensions of consciousness.

Ready to ship. Wear with the matching ring.