Parametric Bed - John Brevard

John Brevard

Parametric Bed

The parametric bed by John Brevard is a made to order with sustainably harvested teak wood. Each piece is unique and hand made showing the authenticity of hand craftsmanship.

These made to order pieces are from our Fabric series which are like endless weaving landscapes which unite to become one.

Our collections are an array of expertly crafted pieces that are informed by the ecosystems of architecture, design, physics, metaphysics and phenomenology.

There are a total of six series featured in the collection. The first five – Fabri, Orthofract, Verahedra, Morphogen, and Spherical – are based on intrinsic geometries apparent in nature. These forms come together in the sixth series entitled Singularity, reflecting a unity of infinite measure. Each element in the collection shines on its own, yet they also fold into a series of similar forms that flow together and merge into non-dualistic relationships. John Brevard’s core design philosophy is rooted in timeless elegance blended with futuristic, bold, and innovative forms that are at the heart of John’s inspiration. Positioned at the intersection between phenomenology and metaphysics, these designs are an exploration of the world around us and within us, which are fundamentally the same.

Height: 24 in. (60.96 cm)Width: 80 in. (203.2 cm)Depth: 70 in. (177.8 cm)