Morpho Chandelier - John Brevard

John Brevard

Morpho Chandelier

This limited edition metal chandelier is inspired by root systems and designed using a parametric modeling tools.

Inspired by a spiritual journey in the Peruvian Amazon back in 2000, this sculpture depicts the elegant serpentine vines of the ayahuasca plant twisting toward the sky. Bulbs of hand-polished petrified wood eggs representing the seeds of the plant perch at the top. A Quechua word meaning the "vine of the soul", the ayahuasca plant is a conduit for transcendence into the spirit world, to allow for energy cleansing.

This one of a kind sculpture is one of the first pieces by John Brevard and has never been previously released for sale. The Aya Vine sculpture is handmade of hammered steel and polished petrified wood.

Height: 32 in. (81.28 cm)Width: 30 in. (76.2 cm)Depth: 72 in. (182.88 cm)