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John Brevard is an ethereal luxury brand integrating fashion, design, technology, jewelry, and accessories. The brand was built to honor those embodying freedom of imagination, spirit and expression. Today people want to connect more deeply with others and themselves. They want personalized experiences, not just products. They want brands that inspire them and are inspired by them.

We believe our brand meets these desires. Our collections and customization platform tap into people’s desires to learn more about themselves, live boldly, and express themselves freely. To continue our growth, we are seeking talented people to join our diverse team. Whether your skills lie within fashion, the creative arts, technology, 3D modeling, sales, business, or logistics, we can offer you a broad range of challenging roles in a truly unique environment. Our goal is not only innovation and creativity but exceeding our clients expectations with breathtaking designs, experiences, and systems. 

We are currently hiring for our Miami location.

Please send your resume to: