Cosmic 18K Gold Creation Pendant - John Brevard

John Brevard

Cosmic 18K Gold Creation Pendant

This limited edition, Cosmic Creation Pendant Necklace is inspired by patterns in the cosmos. Using the Thoscene platform developed by John Brevard, this 18K gold and created sapphire piece is designed based on astrological systems and sacred geometry to match the patterns of the cosmos. This pendant is 3-D printed and designed with a parametric modeling tool using astrological algorithms.

The Cosmic Creation Pendant Necklace is created as an empowering talisman for the wearer. This 18K gold and sapphire piece is created using the latest design and production methods that allows us to provide you with detail and finish unseen before. This piece can be made-to-order and customized in different materials and sizes. 

THOSCENE stands for “thoughts, sentiments, and energy of a scene or region of space”. Patented by John Brevard, THOSCENE is a customization platform that creates unique pieces of jewelry based on astrological parameters, including century, year, month, day, hour, minute, and country of birth.